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. >> following breaking news grass fire in napa torched 200 acres and still burning rate now. fire broke out around 8:15 tonight in the area of the knoxville road and east side road on the northeast end of the lake. fire officials say strong winds are fueling the fire. 5 threatened by the blaze and people in 4 counties are reporting smelling the very strong smokey odor. in confirmation if that's where it comes from but the winds are coming from the north. there are no evacuations right now. >> also happening right now. firefighters put out major fire burning at recycling plant in stockton. s all started 3 this afternoon strong wind gust flames ember sparking 18 other fires in that area. near i-5 and highway 4 thick smoke forced freeway closure as well. allen is in stockton tonight. >> bulldozer to brick apart the burning bale of cardboard packed so tight like giant flame logs. fire spread to the recycling plant in stockton at 3:00 o'clock. firefighters couldn't get to it soon enough. >> in this case the fire started at the front and absolutely prohibited our unit to get into the fire
are looking. napa 20 miles an hour. fairfield reporting 23 miles an hour. these are sustained winds. gusts could be anywhere 20-30 miles an hour. we've got 50 miles an hour gusts reported in areas around oakland hills to the north especially in and around berkeley. so that is something to be aware of as you get outside this morning. a breezy start to the day. . our temperatures are mild. we are talking 60s. and for the afternoon 70s and low 80s. a is -- a few 80s for our inland cities. good morning, sal. >>> good morning, rosemary. right now we are doing well on the commute. it's windy out there so just take it ease is if you are driving on a bridge or causeway. let's take a look at the east shore freeway westbound traffic looks good. bay bridge toll plaza is light getting into san francisco. if you are driving throughout the entire bay area the the traffic is light. let's go back to the desk. >>> that happened at 10:30 on solano avenue. and the st. helena highway. the tree landed right on the hood of the truck with a branch going through the windshield. narrowly missing the driver and the
in napa. one of the branches shattered the windshield. >> scaffolding on a building under renovation in san francisco came loose damaging power lines here. >> the fire, heavy fire conditions in the attic with heavy wind conditions, gusty at that time, driving the fire. >> and the cause of this house fire in san jose is under investigation. but there's doubt -- or there's no doubt that the wind helped fuel the flames. good morning. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm cheryl jennings. >> let's check in with mike nicco for the windiest spots. >> we'll start with the current conditions. gusting to 44 in fairfield. 31 in napa which has been the fast spot around the bay area throughout the borni imorning h. 25 at sfo, 25 at mountain view. the wind advisory is for north-northeast wind sustained at 20 to 30, with gusts up to 40. that's in the north bay, mountains, east bay hills and diablo range. a lot of the passes, you will have issues. white knuckling. it's a red-flag warning. the high fire danger continues above 1,000 feet. but it's longer than the 3:00 stop time for the wind advisory, it's until 6:
in fairfield. 29 at the livermore airport. napa reporting gusts to 28 miles per hour. so dealing with this, you should get out on to the roadways. you may find tree debris in your neighborhood as well. some of the gusts have reached 54 miles per hour in oakland over the hill. i also saw a 54 mile-per-hour gust in and around middle peak, about 2300 feet in the north bay hills. these winds definitely moving and they will continue through the morning hours, letting up a little bit later today. winds are going to be breezy. temperatures, 56. mid-60-n napa. i keep pointing to napa this morning. because napa is breezy 64 half moon bay and plenty of sunshine expected for this afternoon. here is a look at the highs for today. we are talking 70s to low to programs a few mid-80s out there from the coast around the bay and inland. 83 for fairfield. 81 hayward. 72 mostly sunny in pacifica. if you like the warm weather, this is not it. tomorrow will be even wetter. we'll have a look at the highs coming up. >>> good morning. right now, we have a major injury crash on 580 eastbound that's headed towards san l
all across the bay area. the close call for a driver in napa county after strong gusts toppled the tree. >>> and the dry winds will continue whipping the bay area this morning. how it is impacting fire concerns and your temperatures. coming up. >>> san jose family of six is displaced over night by a house fire. we will tell you what made this fire so difficult for fire crews. >>> we want to take you out live to oakland this morning. you can see by the flag what we've been talking about all morning. very, very windy out there. and that is certainly causing problems on the roads for the commute. i definitely felt it coming in. it's also creating some worries for firefighters. we will be checking in on that throughout the morning. it is friday, october 4th i'm pam cook. >> i was caught off guard. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. rosemary is in for steve. >> the winds for howling at my place. woke me up in the early morning hours. red flag warning will continue through the day and last until tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m.. i don't expect the winds
news. >>> tonight hundreds of acres burning in napa county. smoke from the fire started blowing into the bay area. >> we can smell the smoke in san francisco. this normally doesn't happen. >> typically the wind is from the we say the east. -- from the west to the east but right now because of a northeast wind and the wind gusts, 45 miles per hour a, all of that smoke being caused by the fire is blowing towards san francisco, marine county, if you are trying to sleep with windows open you are smelling this right now and the wind directioning isn't going to change and -- direction and the wind speed isn't going to change. it is causing a major winter storm as far away as montana. as long as the fire continues to burn we will be smelling the smoke in the city and anywhere close to san francisco. >> thank you. >>> also tonight another big fire still burning at a recycling plant in stockton. the freeway had to be closed this afternoon. laura kohl is on the ground. >> the fire continues at this hour. of course, earlier today it was so bad the smoke got so bad it shut down interstate
. >> this is the bay area's news station. >>> there is a grass fire burning in napa county. the fire has the potential to grow. no homes threatened but some ranches may be in the path of the glaze. smoke is being pushed v#=Ññbçdo the bay area as far as downtown san francisco. it was reported at 8:15 this evening. no word on how it started. we will bring you the latest as it comes in. >>> there are a number of places affected. you see the red on your screen, the delta, diablo range under red flag warning until saturday morning at 7:00. we have gusty winds. 30 in vacaville. we have gusts to 50 in the higher terrain. we have very dangerous conditions. more on that in a bit. >>> a disturbing story out of san francisco. an employee crashed into a car while driving on a suspended license. 4 weeks ago christine was run over while sun bathing. we have coverage of the story you will see on kron4. >> the public works is asking why it was in the dark as to the employee's license status until after the crash happened. the employee collided with a vehicle at theintersection of ceasea
the bay area. we are following several developing stories overnight. firefighters in napa county have been working through the night trying to get a wildfire burning at lake berryessa from raging out of control. some of the smoke from the fire has made its way down to the bay area. strong winds completely uprooted a tree that's now lying across a major thoroughfare. this is in san francisco at fell street. the tree is still blocking two lanes on masonic this morning. the wind knocked scaffolding into power lines at 20th at potrero hill. several dozen people in the area are without power. we have live team coverage for you on the high fire danger around the bay area. cate caugiran following some small fires in the east bay. anne makovec is up in the north bay. but we are going to kick it off with lawrence karnow and this windy weather. lawrence. >> just walking out the door you can feel the winds and smell the smoke. the temperatures are very mild. we have those offshore winds kicking in. in fact our mount vaca cam you can see those winds whipping around. this is about 3,000 feet. so bluste
long it will last and show you damage caused by high winds. >>> real close call for a driver in napa county. strong winds toppled a tree. >>> i will show you where the winds are blowing and how long i expect they all last. >>> that tells you a lot. the trees are down in many parts. you can see trees down causing problems in the area. we will talk about that throughout the the morning. it is friday, october 4th i'm pam cook. >> and it's surprising drivers. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. steve is out today but we have rosemary. >> yes, good morning, to you. i think the winds begin to lighten up. by the afternoon we will be breezy. 39 miles an hour right now the gusts in fair field. 24 for livermore. 28 in napa which has lighted up just a bit. i am seeing a little bit of wind on the east side of santa rosa. maybe a little breezy outside your door. in the hills is where it's really, really whipping. 54 in the oakland hills north. 25 miles an hour in the oakland hills south. 30 at atolls peak. and in and around kentfield about 23 hurricane feet. so the
tree. the wind also blew into san francisco from the berrysea fire in napa. smoke and residents on union street called the fire department after smelling the smoke and not knowing if their building was on fire. >> yeah. it's pretty -- it kind of has like a wood fire smell to it. i don't know how else to describe it. >> scaffolding into power lines knocked out power to residents on 20th and deharo. we are checking with pg&e to find out how many are without power. how long are these winds going to last? mike niccos always has the answers. >> thank you very much. they're going to last for the better part of today and right now they're probably as fast as they're going to get in many neighborhoods. gusting up to 32 napa, 28 santa rosa, concord our closest reporting station, alamo 24 there, 36 fairfield and up to around 20 for most of the bay area until you get to oakland. wind advisories for the north bay mountains and diablo range, keep the north to northeast winds at 20 to 30 miles per hour with gusts to 40. there's going to be leaves, twigs, tree branches, pine, pine needles all
miles per hour in napa to 25 in fairfield. the wind advisory continues through 3:00 for our higher elevations in the north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range. some of the winds are making it down to the valley floor so watch out for that. our winds will gust up to 50 miles per hour coming out of the east/northeast. expect winds sustained at 20 to 35 through 3:00 this afternoon and because it's bringing dry air, the fire danger is really jacked up right now. our humidities are running in the 20% range in the north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range. watch out above 1,000 feet. fire danger until 6:00. get all of your weather alerts and live radar throughout the red flag warning, downloading our abc 7 weather app. when away from the tv, find it at abc 7 a look at your morning commute with leyla. >> okay. quiet conditions for the most part in terms of accidents. we have debris in lanes because of the winds but congestion is going to be a factor along 580 as per usual and we have construction projects that are still in effect and this one is going
>>> we're waking up to the smell of smoke. hundreds of acres are burning in napa county sending smoke deep into the bay area. >> plus, the wind is blowing. trees and power lines hit the ground overnight. crews work to repair the damage caused across the bay area. >> here's the deal. they have the ability to do it. we know that. the public knows that. now they're very aware. >> bart and the unions reach an agreement on pensions. the fight over salaries continues. and so does the countdown to a strike. >> it wasn't easy but i had to do what i needed to do to feed my son. >> a quarter of california kids live in poverty. but getting food stamps means getting through the paperwork. >> california comes in dead last in food stamp participation. >> you want to see a winning team and oakland is doing it this year. it's great. >> baseball play-offs start tonight. the oakland a's fans already have their sights on the world series. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> couture and marleau! captions by: caption colorado comments@cap
breaking news grass fire in napa torched 200 acres and still burning rate now. fireht in the area of 8:15 tonight in the area of the knoxville road and east side road on the northeast end of the lake. fire officials say strong winds are fueling the fire. 5 threatened by the blaze and people in 4 counties are reporting smelling the very strong smokey odor. in confirmation if that's where it comes from but the winds are coming from the north. there are no evacuations right now. >> also happening right now. firefighters put out major fire burning at recycling plant in stockton. s all started 3 this afternoon strong wind gust flames ember sparking 18 other fires in that area. near i-5 and highway 4 thick smoke forced freeway closure as well. allen is in stockton tonight. >> bulldozer to brick apart the burning bale of cardboard packed tight so tightnt like git flame logs. fire spread to the recycling plant in stockton at 3:00 o'clock. firefighters couldn't get to it soon enough. >> in this case the fire started at the front and absolutely prohibited our unit to get into the fire sc
, 10% in napa. 12% san jose. humidity coming down quite a bit. from our mount tamalpais camera beautiful sky here we do have blue skies right now. sheer look at the peak wind gusts. berkeley hills, mount tamalpais 53 miles per hour wind gusts. fairfield, 49. napa, 44 miles per hour. it's just gorgeous, people are out there it's going to be beach weather this weekend. temperatures into 80s today. 79 san francisco and oakland right now. pacifica, 79. san francisco upper 70s up into mid-80s into warmest locations like santa rosa. you can see sunshine and temperatures now. concord 79. stepping outside or traveling up to tahoe it's going to be a nice, sunny weekend. here is a look at the forecast. elevated fire danger looking at warm weather for the weekend. here is what is bringing us warm weather. this is happening in the fall. that is why it has been warm, area wide today. the winds will be on the gusty side 7:00 p.m. tonight. you can see fairfield 26-point rays. mid-30s for fairfield on the gusty side. by saturday afternoon, light winds and you'll be able to enjoy the nice warm
contained. no homes or structured threatened, no yet known what sparked the fire, a grass fire in napa county has burned 375 acres near the lake, these are from overnight after the fire started at 8:30. right now it is 75% contained and crews say forward spread of the fire has been stopped. >> critically high winds and low relative humidities combined with the seasonal drying of the vegetation, this does make it a -- a critical time for fire control and -- >> the fire is expected to be fully contained by friday night. >>> let's go now to ktvu's weather center where rosemary is monitoring the red flag warning for more on the areas effected and how long it is expected to last. >> yes, the dry winds still whipping around the area pretty good, a live look at mt. diablo, where we continue to see dry and gusty conditions over the east bay hills winds peak above 50 earlier this morning. rered flag warning in place for the hills as well as the santa cruz mountains until tomorrow morning. the winds are expected to die down by afternoon but will continue be breezy and we will continue to have ve
and napa counties right now. and some light scattered showers and showers moving over the hills now between so nochl gnomea county and napa county. no significant rainfall occurring at this moment. but totals over 24 hours show st. helena did receive over a third of an inch of rainfall from this weak system. but there is no rainfall to report anywhere else. 2/100ths in napa, 5/100ths in fairfield. 8/100ths in santa rosa. 1/100ths in and no measurable rainfall in the bay aerk it's winding down now. we have a beach hazard. strong rip currents are possible. sneaker waves possible as well. that is through this hazard advisory through evening, then, expecting calmer seas. here is a live view from our east bay camera looking at lingering clouds in the sky but with breaks of blue. temperatures now 68 in san francisco. and from oakland to los gatos, 66. another live view showing lots of blue skies breaking out over the bay now. 69 in santa rosa. 70s in other locations and looking at first forecast with a view from the background, sunny in the morning and mild tomorrow afternoon. cheryl, and carol?
. 49 in napa. good morning san carlos. 54 for you with more mid-50s for mountain view. we are looking at wall to wall sunshine today. today the warmer day of the weekend. we will see temperatures climbing through the 70s in the east bay. along the coast starting out sunny, and increasing clouds. the fog does return. mid-and upper 60s here, but inland, the warmest day we've seen in quite some time. low to mid-80s. changes are coming tomorrow, the possibility of some rain for the last day of september, first day of object. we will detail that for you coming up. >> thank you, lisa. developing news. suspect in the fatal stabbing of a dodgers fan is out of jail in morning. 21-year-old michael montgomery had been in jail since thursday, the day after police say he stabbed and killed 24-year-old dodgers fan johnathan denver after a game outside of at&t park. denver and his friends got into a rivalry feud and his friends outside of the bar. montgomery's parents claim his friend acted with self-defense after being hit with a chair. a man in the jail cell with montgomery told him he was outnumb
everybody in the 60s. napa, starting off 63. they've had .02 on the rain. let's go to 75 today. it's a mild air mass. no cool air yet. some of that will start to filter in tonight and tomorrow. nothing dramatic, it will be cooler tomorrow. today, cloudy to mostly cloudy. very light rain. heavier rain farther north. a lot of drizzle. 70s on the temperatures. here's sal. >>> traffic is getting busy in one particular place. that would be the east bay, livermore valley. other places are getting busy, too. let's start off with a look at the toll plaza. that's backed up for a 10, 15- minute delay. live problems on the bridge as you get into san francisco. i do want to mention the traffic on interstate 880 is going to be a little bit slow as you drive south and get closer to hayward. i want to mention, though, 580. i want to show you this. from here on the altamont pass through. this whole solid line of stop- and-go traffic. that's -- that's even unusual for this commute. usually it slows right to about here and then that's it. it's a little bit slower than normal and then from here to the su know
rosa park and petaluma, over towards napa. this is very light moistufeedg . this is the culprit, a very strong cold front that has been bringing just a lot of rainfall. not only in the pacific northwest, close to eight inches, but also along our north coast, two inches in the leaast4 hours, some of the moisture will slide south, in the acu weather forecast, highs today, with the clouds in the north bay, upper 60s, low 70s, santa rosa 71, clearing out nicely, sunshine, 80 degrees today, 80 in morgan hill. and redwood city today topping out at 76 degrees. here is a look at the forecast highlights, picking up the clouds, mainly in the north bay today. bringing in a chance of showers, san francisco, 63 degrees, mild conditions as the clouds move across the bay area, san jose, 67, 63 in half moon bay, and from our golden gate bridge side, seeing the low clouds there, napa, 66, 67, in antioch at this hour, livermore, 66 degrees, picking up clouds across the bay area, mainly in the north area tonight, with showers developing. showers for monday mainly in the north bay, then drying out, getting
abc 7 looking towards bay bridge. 73 in napa. 75 in antioch and conk yordz, livermore, 74 degrees. another live view towards golden gate. forecast features will be partly cloudy tonight. but mostly clear. breezy, mild tomorrow, then, warming up more by the end of the week. satellite shows large pool of cool air is pushing into the pacific northwest. this system will have the ins under the influence of producing a freezey pattern. tonight during overnight hours we'll see high clouds swing throughout, sunny and breezy, mild there and mild inland areas. continuing animation looking at week ahead you'll see a center of high pressure developing northeast by the end of the week. that is going to sell vait our temperatures quite a bit. overnight tonight mainly cool. low temperatures upper 40s in napa. clear with low temperatures into mid 50s and then, tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies in the south bay. highs in mid to upper 70s for the most part. to 80 in morgan hill. breezy, mild on the coast. downtown 68 tomorrow, up in the north bay mid-60s near the coast. will be breezy and mild, milde
it will clear out. a little warmer in napa. 57 sacramento so there are cool readings even around here, 40s, had 50s, 60s, it depends. it was held up by the higher clouds. 48 and 49 allock the creek. hardly a breeze. it's going to be and calm day. there's even a west wind, a little east wind. sfo at 6, and san jose, everything is calm except for these high clouds. we'll see a little north, northeast, it will warm up, mild to warm, there's a lighter breeze today as you saw. fairfield, napa, santa rosa nevada, 70s low around the bay, 70s on the peninsula, morgan hill gill ray so it looks warmer. the wind will kick in and it doesn't look to be howling or anything, it it will be sunny and warmer into the weekend. >>> hundreds of fans attended a rally for the green and gold yesterday. while the a's ownership wants to move to the south bay they found a deep pocketed investor to back the plan which expands the current site towards the airport and builds three pro stadiums. and this could be ready within months. >>> game one at the coliseum against the detroit tigers will be sunday night. it's a sellou
the east bay hills camera it is 69 in santa rosa. 63 in napa and novato. 72 at antioch. one more live view from our central tower cam looking out over san francisco. sunny and mild this afternoon a bit breezier tomorrow. as i mentioned, high fire danger from thursday evening into saturday morning. satellite radar composite image shows a dip in the jet stream to our north a pool of cool air moving over us it is reinforcing this breezier pattern as the jet stream is flowing almost directly over us. setting the maps in motion, continuing through the evening into tomorrow. it will remain breezy. skies will remain clear. once again breezy. with a strong and increasing winds, the low humidity and the increasing temperatures over the next couple of days, we have high fire danger. by friday, the center of high pressure fixing itself up to the north that will give us a dry, gusty, warm flow of air from land to sea. high temperatures will be on the rise friday and saturday. for today, we'll see highs there the afternoon in the south bay in the mid to upper 70s. 75 in san jose and the peninsula. bree
or around 92 both north and south bound. >> the temperatures are on the rise in napa is starting out in both 40's but currently is at 60 degrees. it's the winds are starting to pick up in that will increase into the evening. the national weather service did issue a wind advisor recur read a y. when we see conditions are really high and we really will have fire danger. we may also encounter downed trees and power lines. napa will have a high of 77. low 80s for livermore. it is exciting news. kron4 will broadcast the raiders game on sunday. if you are going to ban the temperatures will be in the upper 60s. >> the 7 day around the bay highlights warmer weather with a string of sunshine. >> the time is 9:48 a.m.. the jackson family has lost what is perhaps their last chance at holding someone responsible for the pop stars and death. after a dramatic 21 week trial--the jury ruled concert promoter aeg was not negligent in hiring and dr. conrad murray perry ed murray gave jackson and the lethal dose of the drug propofol. >> (male annoucer): now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving
busy overnight. one broke out in napa county on the eastern shore of the lake. that one grew at one point to nearly 400 acres. cal fire now says that is about 75% contained. they expect to have it fully contained by this evening. fortunately, no homes or buildings were ever threatened there in that napa county fire. the danger does continue. cal fire says even after this red flag warning goes down, because it has been so dry this year, even though we're close to the end of the fire season, they say we're going to have to keep our guard up for some time to come. really until we get our next significant rainfall. we are live in livermore. chase cain, nbc bay area news. >> all right, chase. thanks so much. >>> now we want to talk to christina loren. how long can we expect these strong winds to last? are they going to die down any time soon? >> yeah, they actually are, marla. we are looking towards that as we head throughout the second half of your weekend. i'm happy to report as far as this morning's wind event goes, we're already starting to notice those numbers dropping off. ]phighli
temperatures, still warm out there. 78 in san francisco. san jose, 80. napa reporting clear skies in the forecast looking good with lots of sunshine and temperatures on track to reach the lower 80s as we head into the weekend. red flag warning still in place for tonight for the north bay hills, solano county. east bay hills, santa cruz mountain. this is in place until saturday morning. right through the weekend, we have dry and warm conditions out there. thankfully the strong winds are moving out of town. fire danger begins to relax just a little bit. overnight lows will be in the upper 40s . the backing off of the wind speeds, temperatures dropping off for santa rosa, napa. high pressure offshore, low pressure to our east and the pressure difference creates those winds, those winds basically lax right now. it is going to mean lots of sunshine, warm temperatures as well. you can see 70s for the coast. 80s around the bay. inlands on track to reach 80s as well. bluegrass tomorrow, golden gate park looks great. 70s 4:00. 75 to 76 degrees. these numbers for tomorrow. about the sam
in napa, antioch and fairfield, which means it's quite dry out there. that's why the red flag warning remains in effect. it has expired not delta but we're seeing it in the santa cruz mountains and other areas. i talked to the national weather service and they said it will expire about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. saturday we're under the high-fire danger but improving conditions into the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. >>> happening now, the city of oakland is filled with oakland athletics fever as the team plays one with the best of five with the tigers. let's hear what happened tonight. >> you strike out 16 times, it's hard to win. you know that! 16 strikeouts, and that's what did them in. after the coliseum here, it's the best of the five, so the oakland athletics playing at home with the big crowd. they best get one of these two obviously, and and a rough start here. scherzer, he was terrific tonight, 10 strikeouts, allowed only one hit through six innings. here is the bomb. he jerks one out, and then a triple and a home run. this was way out. scherzer finishes sev
de maleza en las montaÑas del condado de solano y napa... ---- la peligrosa situacion podria afectar el aire de algunas de nuestras ciudades ... take 2 box --- nos enlazamos con angel ayllon quien nos trae los detalles.. buenas noches ;01 ;14 ;28 ;40 1;26 trt 1;40 son mas de 500 acres de terreno calcinado en son mas de 500 acres de terreno calcinado en el condado de solano.... con ello, cerca de 8 ranchos y propiedades en riesgo y familias han tenido que abandonar las propiedades por el riesgo a ser alcanzadas por el fuego... como la vivienda de este residente entrevista quien explica como tuvo que salir de su propiedad cruzar los montes legar a sus vecinos para saber como estaban ellos ---el siniestro de ocho alarmas que se registra a un costado de la autopista 12 cerca de "suisun city", aun no es controlado en su totalidad...... entrevista el fuego se disperso por el monte de manera muy rapida, y los bomberos han tenido que construir varios flancos de contencion para intentar un control mas rapido... fue el comentario del departamento de bomberos... residentes del area de la bahia
to 60. berkeley hills calaveras road and close to 50 mile an hour wind gusts in fairfield, napa and close to 45. from the emeryville camera it is sparkling tonight as we look toward the sutro tower. 67 in san francisco and mid60s oakland. san jose 63 degrees right now and it is 57 in half moon bay. from our sudro tower camera you can see san francisco is sparkling, santa rosa and it is 503 degrees. close to 70 in antioch. 60 in concord. this is a gorgeous view from the exploratorium camera. just want to walk out and enjoy. dry and breezy overnight tonight. elevated fire danger into tomorrow morning. that's why the red flag warnings are going for the hills and warm weather is expected for the upcoming weekend. not just inland, but along the coast as well. the high pressure inland and winds coming out of this direction. it is a warm, drying wind and an offshore flow is what we call. it that's why the warmth has reached the coast. as you look at the wind gusts, here is a look at the forecast. 11:00 p.m., 23 miles per hour in fairfield. the winds will be about 25 to 27 for the 5:00
trampled through the jungles of amazon, i was in napa valley looking at how technolo technology was innovative to the wine industry. >> we'll check it out next. >> hey, guys, welcome to "techknow," i'm phil here with crystal and coyle. we've looked at jaguars, bees and spiders. we are about to get classy, crystal, you went to napa valley. >> i looked at the wine making. they have been making wine since 7,000 bc. they are applying new techniques, solar panels and a bump of -- bunch of cool innovations. take a look. here on the hillside pickers are harvesting grapes the same way it's been done for thousands of years - by hand. but at this vineyard 21st century technology has a hand in almost every step of the process - from vine to wine. >> i'm an innovator when it comes to making the best wine possible - whatever it takes. >> doug is the president of schaeffer vineyards and has been working here since 1973 when his father bout the estate. >> grape growing and wine making in the val eye changed tremendously in the -- valley changed tremendously in the last 40 years, technology, co
'll pick up later on in the north bay. we're going to for a warmer forecast, napa county and also into sonoma county. for us clear skies where there is a high cloud deck 40, 50s, 60s, some areas are on the mild side and some cool. santa rosa got down to 42. it's filtering in, partly cloudy skies, partly sunny. once this system goes by high pressure is on its way. high clouds mild to warmer, lighter breeze, higher today. 60s, there will be a few low 8 50s. here's sal. >> traffic is doing well around the bay area. we'll look at the bridges, we'll show you the bay bridge. it's looking good, the traffic looks good coming into san francisco. the morning commute looks good on the san mateo bridge on the high rise. we want to look at westbound 580, traffic is moving along nicely. it's off to a good start with castro valley without any delays. let's go back to the desk. >>> a scene of a house fire, flames and smoke coming from the attic area that house is located on delmas avenue, and that's where janine is there and you just talked to the family of that home. >> reporter: they're a littl
s or 50s. a southeast wind and this cloud cover. napa starting off at 63. we'll go mostly cloudy. light rain or drizzle. go for a high of 75. so a lot of moisture in the air. kind of newing gi with the cloud cover -- muggy with the cloud cover coming n. heavier rain farther north for those of you maybe heading that way. 70s on the temps. here's sal. >>> steve, good morning. as you mentioned, steve, it's going to be a little wet out there. the rain is not severe but the roads are wet. that may lead to more collisions. it's a little wet at the toll plaza. just the slippery kind of wet. so you might want to give yourself an extra few minutes. traffic backed up for a 10 to 15-minute wait at the toll plaza. also this morning we're looking at the commute and it looks pretty good if you are driving on northbound -- this is northbound 280. 280 as you get off highway 17, that traffic is moving along well. if you're driving on the bay shore freeway into san francisco, does look good. let's go back to the desk. >>> it's looking more and more like parts of the federal government will begin t
and others that are very cool. raquel says it feels 50. but it is 50 but feels colder than that. napa airport down to 41. fairfield 60. if you get that north breeze and temperatures held up clear, if there's any fog won't last long. cold, mild. sunshine. breezy and warmer tonight into tomorrow the wind cranks up. breezy and warm for almost everybody. the coast jumps up a little more. i know it's a little cool but they'll get the northerly breeze. looks like the wind will decrease on saturday and be sunny side up and nice and clear. north and east bay hills seem to be taking the brunt of any advisory. so far that seems to be holding. they'll take that today and friday above 1,000 feet. the north northeast wind is a dry wind. higher fire dangers. red flag warnings are out into friday afternoon as well. the system that's responsible is up into idaho and montana and heading towards utah. if it was digging into the sierra, we'd have a bigger issue. it will bring in a lot of cold air. there will be 20s in the high country this weekend. but it will be sunny. it's windy there today . but cold air is
77. do i near 76? yeah. napa. san francisco officially 68 degrees. check out what the government shutdown is doing to weather forecasts. at least all of the computer forecast models, instead of getting a bunch of numbers that i like to crunch, i got this screen, a lot of government weather activity is shut down as a result of the government shutdown. the local office is still in place and our forecast will remain right here. we make it every day and we will have that cranking out each and every day. ground clutter off shore. our doppler is always working and looking for rain. we had showers yesterday when the brian had the forecast for you. tonight and the next several nights, we will be rain free. it's a new month. it's october. these are your average highs. not that much different from september. san jose average is 76. san francisco, 70 degrees. we can often be warmer in october than other months because the winds shift off shore from time to time. as we hit friday and right on through the weekend, high pressure builds to the west. low pressure to the east. right in between a
east bay hills berkeley hills mount tam over 50 miles an hour winds. 49 in fairfield. napa 44. if you are out and about you probably felt had you rough it was open the road which. from our roof cam are tree not really blowing whole lot so lower elevation lighter breeze. 72 right now in san francisco. it's still mild out there. oakland 73 degrees along with san jose. from our camera here it's clear out there and 66 in santa rosa. notice napa. sheltered from the win. dropping quickly. cooler night tonight. 53 degrees. 70 at antioch 65 in liver month. view from the exploring camera. sparkle view of san francisco. dry breezy overnight tonight elevated fire danger into the morning and warm weather is with us this weekend. here's look at the satellite radar this is what brought us the warmth. high pressure in the autumn time build ins and we get offshore flow down sloping wind that brings the warmth to the coast. beach will be the place to go. really packed this weekend. 27 miles an hour wind gust in fairfeld and 11:00 p.m. tonight we are expecting the winds to continue
, napa and yolo county tried to contain the flames that moved as fast as the flames. >> we had 40-mile-per-hour tkpwáupses throughout -- 40- mile-per-hour gusts throughout the day. and that's definitely affecting our response. >> reporter: three firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation. >> i comes around here all the time i never seen this much smoke. it was very smoky. >> yes. >> reporter: by evening the fire had burned through more than 1,000 acres. the large sack of hey meant to feed the cows burned. this man says he is just glad the damage wasn't worse in an area that has a long burn history. >> there's duck hunting out here. been out here since the turn of the century. turn of last century. >> reporter: the dixon fire chief tells me the fire is 30% contained. there's more than $500,000 in damage and they plan to be out here through the night. live in solano county, near sasun city, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. >>> other fires kept firefighters busy throughout the bay area. a vegetation fire broke out just before 1:00 this afternoon east of rohnert park. fire crews attacked
't a whole lot. about a third of an inch of rain. napa a couple hundred. wes. it is now pushed to the east. rain is well to the north of us. it will keep our sea breeze winds in place and foggy conditions and cooler temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. the fog at the coastline and the east bay and north bay by 6:00 it will lift, by 8:00 it is clear. 9:00 in the morning will be sunny skies. it will be cooler out there. 71 in palo alto. 73 in los gatos. upper 60s for the east bay shore line. 68 in oakland. the coast, low 60s. range of 70s for the north bay. thursday and friday will be warm winds. we will continue to warm into saturday. >>> in sports, 49ers patrick willis talks about superbowl prospects. mickmcfadden injured again. . >> good evening, we have a late start time for the raiders on sunday. originally 1:25. it will now start at 7:35 because the a's are using the coliseum for baseball. it will take 24 hours to turn the field around. the multipurpose facility. meanwhile mick fadden, mcfadden is injured. >> he has a hamstring. i don't expect him to be out for a long time. we will see
of places at this hour. 55 in napa. we'll see some upper 40s tonight but largely in the 50s. we have a storm passing us to the knot. you can see high cloud coverage moaing into far northern california. that will move in tonight and tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy tonight. into the wednesday, a little warmer than today. as we head into thursday and friday, even stronger winds and this is more bay area wide. they'll be the dry warm winds that warm up the temperatures and raise the humidity. here is a look at temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. 75 in palo alto. 78 in san jose. 80 in pittsburg. low 60s and upper 60s on bay store line. a range of 70s for the north. here is a look at the extended forecast. warmer tomorrow and still into thursday, friday and saturday. sunday as well. we'll be carrying that raiders game here on kron 4. we'll be seeing pretty mild conditions at the stadium here on sunday evening. temperatures still in the upper 60s low 70s. we'll bring you the pre game, post game and the game. >>> the raiders will be here on kron 4 sunday night. >>> the pittsburg pirates host their
se dio y hay varias carreteras cerradas. >> en el condado de napa también hay incendio que acabo con más de 360 acres y otro incendio destruyó también varias decenas de acres en la región vamos con flavio lacayo con la información. >> así es hola ¿qué tal? en el área de la bahía hubo falla de servicio de electricidad por los vientos y pg&e repara los daños. >> por el viento y las malas condiciones del tiempo se cayeron árboles dañando el servicio de electricidad. >> hubo apagones en el condado de contra costa y en concord y afecto a unos 1600 clientes en la mañana hubo limpieza de árboles caídos en oakland y hubo en el condado de solano incendios y en san francisco hubo alerta de aire para los alérgicos y asmaticos. >> pg&e dijo que habían unas 300 familias sin servicio de electricidad y que pronto se repararía. >> muchísimas gracias flavio lacayo hubo humo en el área de la bahía en san francisco la peninsula y el este de la bahía se verían afectadas. en la ciudad de oakland y san francisco vamos con albert martínez con las condiciones del tiempo. >> hola ¿q
caused by mother nature. did you hear that wind last night? did you smell the smoke from a fire in napa county last night? that was blowing down here. take a look at these wind gusts from earlier this morning at the port of richmond by the richmond/san rafael bridge. 64-mile-per-hour wind gusts, tied right by the golden gate bridge at crissy field you also had a 64-mile-per-hour wind gust. in the oakland hills where a number of those trees fell this morning, 54 miles per hour. and travis air force base near that big fire that roberta was talking about, 45-mile-per-hour peak wind gusts. it's not just the wind, it's the dry air that was moved in, as well. take a look at these relative humidity numbers earlier today. santa rosa your humidity was 8%. napa 11%. livermore 13%. san francisco also 13%. anything below 20% of relative humidity is deemed critical. there are changes coming to the forecast. the wind is already beginning to relax. we'll talk about the warm weekend and a major cooldown. we'll that coming up in my seven-day forecast. >>> adding to the thick haze in the skies is another
in napa, 6.2% and marine 10.7%. the superintendent issued a statement about the report, he said i welcome the growing attention around chronic absence. he says it will take parents, law enforcement, health professionals and more to reduce truancy. our web team posted the report on >>> there were no medical emergency but there were plenty of arrests during a rave. thousands of people tacked the theater -- packed the theater. police updated the numbers today and tell us 90 people were arrested, mostly on drug charges. officers tried to encourage people to get rid of anything illegal by setting up amnesty boxes. they received 100 noise complaints. >>> police found a man wounded at a home along with a second man. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the other victim is a 20-year- old. >>> san francisco is taking steps to crack down on drivers who double park which makes it more difficult to get around. new at 5:00 p.m. how they are likely to feel the pinch. ktvu's rob roth is live in san francisco with how the city plans to deal with them. rob? >> reporter: drivers be warned,
25 miles per hour in napa. half moon bay, 24. you can see it's windy around the bay area. humidity is low inland loks right now between 10% and 20%. >> cal fire staffed and ready to go. most of the state is still in fire season. but if the federal government shut down goes on too long it could jeopardize response to a major wildfire. wayne? >> it's interesting watching red flag day to fight fires. the air base run since 3:00 on their own with four separate calls. they knew it was coming on a red flag fire day it wasn't a matter of if, but when. that is what the men and women had been telling us just moments before. >> they contend in just a moment. >> no different than, you know a fireman on fire station we're just waiting to slide down the pole. we just don't have one. >> when a puff of wind tickles flags on a pole, they take notice. these they had a busy summer. since impass in washington they've been going on their own without help from national guard including large c kbr. 10 tanks near sachblgt. >> for us to be able to sustain operations and be ready to go, they're absolutely
.org and thrive. >>> and good evening, everyone. >> that breaking news is in napa county. but it's causing a lot of concern in san francisco. at this hour, san francisco is being hit with heavy smoke because of a brush fire burning at the north end of lake berryessa. san francisco stations are being flooded with phone calls. there's no fire in or near the city. this is a 500-acre vegetation fire in napa county. the big issue for san francisco is the wind direction. for that, let's bring in jeff raineri. this is what you've been talking about, fire danger and wind. >> and that wind direction is going to stay locked into place as we head through the next 12 to 18 hour. it's coming out of the north-northwenorth north-northeast. it's to carry that fire from a smoke that's 200 to 500 acres. these winds are the worst-case scenario for firefighters. humidity down to about 10% and 20%. and that's why we're also seeing the smoke travel as far as 47 miles off fortowards the south, impacting san francisco. there's smoke there now. and we expect the smoke to continue through tomorrow morning, as long as the
increased our fire risk. we have that wildfire burning near lake berrysea in napa. it's 75% contained after scorching 376 acres. this fire broke out around 8:30 last night in the area of berrysea and knoxville road. five structures were threatened. no evacuations ordered by roads will remain closed for fire fighting. >>> contra costa near the scene of a brush fire in martinez. it started around 1:00 in a wildland area in solano way north of highway 4. smoke and flames could be scene seen in a wide area. no word on what caused the fire, how much brush was burned and the extent of damage. >>> firing embers from a fire at a recycling plant are blamed for sparkling 18 others fires. it broke out around 3:00. part of interstate 5 was closed for a short while. officials say it started with burning paper outside the plant and spread. firefighters say they couldn't get to it fast enough. >> in this case the fire started at the front and absolutely prohibited our units to get into the fire scene. >> the fire spread to our recyclables including several other propane tanks that expl e exploded and hom
♪ >> a grass fire burning near lake berryessa in napa county. the fire department says five - hundred acres have burned so far. the blaze is 75-percent contained this morning. and firefighters have stopped the forward progress. strong winds of 50- miles an hour are pushing smoke down to the bay area. the smell of smoke from the fire has been reported as far away as downtown san francisco. the blaze was reported around 8:15 yesterday evening near the intersection of knoxville >> a south bay high school teacher who admitted to having an affair with one of his students will enter a plea in court today. 32-year-old hugo cortes guzman taught math at santa clara high school. his victim was a 17-year-old student. the two had a sexual relationship that began in september of last year when the girl was sixteen. guzman faces four counts of sex with a minor. he'll face a judge at 9:00 this morning. >> the san francisco department of public works is investigating why it had no idea that a field maintenance worker had no license. department officials said they did not learn that the employees license wa
. crews declared it under control no. one was hurt. >> a tree toppled and high winds howled through napa. two people escaped with minor injuries after the tree fell on their truck along solano avenue we're seeing hazy skies throughout the area, you can see spencer christian with a look. >> we'll talk about peak wind gusts in just a moment. we're seeing smoky skies now. clear skies but it's hazy out there. the reason why we're getting smoke, that fire burning near solano county near fairfield. it's 81 degrees, northerly wind is pulling that smoke down south towards our area. it's why we're seeing heavy smoke. it's starting to dissipate some. you can see there is a little bit of haze there. peak wind gusts 59 miles per hour. berkeley hills, mount tam 54 miles per hour wind gusts. you can see gusts 45-50 hirp earlier today. still gusting. we're expecting wind gusts to decrease overnight. humidity, 20-20%. and our live doppler 7 hd will be tracking changes. >> thank you. >> wind was relentless. >> amy holly field shows some of the damage in the east bay. >> winds did all kinds of damage outs
in fairfield, napa and close to 45. from the emeryville camera it is sparkling tonight as we look toward the sutro tower. 67 in san francisco and mid60s oakland. san jose 63 degrees right now and it is 57 in half moon bay. from our sudro tower camera you can see san francisco is sparkling, santa rosa and it is 503 degrees. close to 70 in antioch. 60 in concord. this is a gorgeous view from the exploratorium camera. just want to walk out and enjoy. dry and breezy overnight tonight. elevated fire danger into tomorrow morning. that's why the red flag warnings are going for the hills and warm weather is expected for the upcoming weekend. not just inland, but along the coast as well. the high pressure inland and winds coming out of this direction. it is a warm, drying wind and an offshore flow is what we call. it that's why the warmth has reached the coast. as you look at the wind gusts, here is a look at the forecast. 11:00 p.m., 23 miles per hour in fairfield. the winds will be about 25 to 27 for the 5:00 a.m. hour if you have early plans. and then the winds start to taper off. we are looki
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